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Stephen Kreider and His wife Sandra Mathisen have been in the Waterwell drilling and Water system business for 23 years.     Their business Included excavating, water systems, irrigation, well drilling, septic systems, site development, and home building.  They specialized in full site development.  Steve and Sande' have a very well rounded knowledge of water and water systems.

They have developed components to simplify the installation of water pumping systems.  It has taken close to 6 years to get to this point.  Please watch as we prepare production.

Steve and Sande want to help others work through the maize to get products produced.  Steve has been an advocate to bring back manufacturing.  He has been involved in creating two entities to help people bring their ideas to reality.  When we get into production I am sure he will be looking for ideas to manufacture. 

Steve was on the board of directors for the Washington State Groundwater Association,  He was also on the Washington State Watershed Planning Unit.